2 thoughts on “Adoption Blogs/Online Resources

  1. I am an adoptee mother of two Korean children now in their 30s. Is there any where I can go for how to best interact with my children about the Asian hate issue, and am I an Asian or am I an American? Where do I fit?


    1. You might be interested in reading Nicole Chung’s essay in Time on this subject: https://time.com/5948949/anti-asian-racism-white-adoptive-family/. I also wrote about this for the KAAN blog https://www.wearekaan.org/post/do-you-see. There’s also a brief segment that Nicole and I were both interviewed for NPR Morning Edition: https://www.npr.org/2021/03/27/981269559/am-i-asian-enough-adoptees-struggle-to-make-sense-of-spike-in-anti-asian-violenc.


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