McKee, Kim profile photo at DHSI2015My commitment to expanding the concept of diversity and to incorporate the multiple histories and voices within international adoption reflects how an interdisciplinary, intersectional lens is central to my pedagogy. I value the multiple opportunities to encourage their intellectual advancement. Developing their capacity to make connections with course lectures and readings to the outside world is central to my pedagogical approach. I provide students multiple entry points to engage with assigned readings and try to meet students where they are in terms of their understanding of broader concepts, such as gender, race and sexuality.

The deployment of various techniques to enhance students’ experiences in the classroom speaks to my investment in a high level of engagement from students. I seek to cultivate students’ active participation within the classroom through discussion as well as writing exercises, but also through developing their leadership skills in groups. From these methods, students reexamine their worldviews, engage in peer learning, and learn to develop a cogent, well-defined position on a topic. I aim to nurture their ability to honestly and intellectually discuss taboo subjects in an effort to contribute to their life-long learning and growth as university citizens.

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