The Value of Student Feedback and What My Students Say

Reflections on Student Feedback

Evaluations of my teaching help me to assess whether I am effectively meeting my pedagogical goals. Students provide feedback in a variety of ways: midterm evaluations, final discursive evaluations, formal end-of-semester University surveys, informal in-class feedback, and informal feedback provided via email, Skype or during office hours. Multiple formats ensure I am able to continually make adjustments to the course in response to student needs.

Overall, I receive positive remarks concerning my efforts to foster dynamic classroom discussion, create a nurturing learning environment, and connect scholarly and literary course work with the lived reality of the students. I strive to continually respond “in the moment” to students’ classroom needs, changing the lesson plan to accommodate students’ interests during class. For more information concerning how I integrate student feedback into my teaching, please see: McKee – Teaching Evaluation Reflection (November 2013). For more information concerning my teaching philosophy, please see: McKee – Teaching Philosophy (June 2015).

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