Well…clearly I haven’t been writing

I thought that by putting in deadlines in my previous post that I would be able to hold myself accountable to blog. Clearly that was not as successful as I hoped.

Blogging like any other type of writing takes time and this semester has been rather busy. I chaired a search committee the 2016-2017 academic year and search duties came into full swing this earlier in the second semester of the year. And, I underwent my third year review in February. I also coordinated the Kutsche Office of Local History Annual Local History Roundtable in March, where we had Bich Minh (Beth) Nguyen serve as the keynote speaker. My good friend and colleague Adrienne Winans, assistant professor at Utah Valley University, and I also announced our call for papers for a special issue of Feminist Teacher. This is really only a snapshot of what kept me from writing. It doesn’t account for the fact that I have been trying to carve out time with my family and for self care.

I do want to keep my commitment to blogging about my experience compiling my third year review binder and lessons learned from my first months in my new position. My experience at HILT 2016 will be in a condensed post where I also discuss facilitating a workshop at DH@Guelph in May.

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