KAAN 2015: Intersections of Race, Identity, and Adoption

common ground

As the media buzz kicked off by #RachelDolezal swells around “new” conversations of race, identity, and misappropriation, a national adoptive community organization prepares for its seventeenth annual conference on these same topics. Leaders from across the country will converge in St. Louis, MO from June 26-28, 2015 at an event hosted by KAAN (the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network).

“This conference places adoptee voices firmly at the center of discourse and offers others the chance to learn how to be true allies,” says executive director Stacy Schroeder. She and assistant director Kimberly McKee signed an open letter expressing concern about the recent misuse of the term “transracial” by Dolezal and the media. For over fifty years, transracial is associated with the particular type of adoption – the adoption of a child of a different race than the adoptive parents.

“If you want to find out why the term ‘transracial’…

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