“We Are Not Troublemakers!!” : Oblivious anti-blackness and privilege in the Korean adoptee community

Written by Erica Gehringer

In a recent interaction with a private Korean American adoptee Facebook group, I, as well as fellow adoptee allies, called out overt anti-black racism. However, instead of any moderating of those who made such inhumane comments, the moderators of the group decided to message those of us who spoke out against them. In their messages, they told us that by anonymously publishing their post on a public forum, it was “disrespectful and offensive to everyone, and does nothing to build trust within the Korean adoptee community. It also compromises the level of integrity needed to make the group a safe environment for members to participate.” There are so many ironies that lie within this statement. How can I, as a person of color, trust an environment that only further perpetuates racism? How can a group uphold any sort of “integrity” if they target and lecture…

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