Service at Previous Institutions

Grinnell College

As a Consortium for Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Scholar I have fostered a strong relationship with Grinnell College’s Office of Intercultural Engagement and Leadership (OIEL) and the Asian/Asian American Association (AAA). On behalf of the OIEL, I debriefed students from Concerned Black Students and the African and Caribbean Students Union who attended the Association for Black Cultural Centers’ annual conference. I submitted a report to the OIEL along with recommendations to aid their future efforts to support student travel. In addition, I facilitated the fall retreat for the AAA executive board and their members. At this retreat, they requested that I facilitate a discussion of an Asian American text. I solicited the Dean’s Office and received financial support to purchase Gene Yang’s graphic novel, American Born Chinese.

The Ohio State University

My professional service conducted within the academy and society-at-large is influenced by my investment in the success of the next generation of undergraduates and graduate students as seen in my extensive work with various campus entities while completing my doctorate at The Ohio State University. As part of my work with the Asian American Studies program, I provided professional advice regarding leadership, research, and conference opportunities to undergraduate Asian American students. I engaged various student organizations, including the Asian interest sorority Kappa Phi Lambda, the Buckeye Adopted Student Organization, and Hapa Student Association (an organization dedicated to exploring multi-racial identity). In these interactions, I promoted the discussion of issues concerning the Asian/Pacific Islander American community, such as raced beauty standards and negotiating identity within and beyond a black/white binary. My interests in Asian American Studies and the Asian diaspora resulted in the invitation to serve on the Institute for Korean Studies’ Advisory Board. Moreover, in my capacity as Graduate Pan-Asian Caucus (GradPAC) co-founder and president, I worked with the Asian American Studies program and Multicultural Center to develop and implement programs for Asian Pacific American Heritage month. I prioritized building connections between undergraduates and graduate students to facilitate opportunities for mentorship, which culminated with our event, Mentor, Mix and Mingle, a networking opportunity for faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduates, and community members.

Yet, my involvement to facilitate a diverse and inclusive environment extends beyond service within the Asian American community. Through my work with the Diversity and Identity Studies Collective (DISCO) Graduate Caucus, I organized the Academics and Activism symposium, which included a screening of Precious Knowledge (2011), a documentary on Arizona’s Tucson Unified School District’s ban on the Mexican American Studies Program. As part of organizing the event, I oversaw the budget as well as event volunteers. Members of the DISCO Graduate Caucus are rooted in a variety of disciplines, such as Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Disability Studies, Comparative Studies, American Indian Studies, Latino Studies, African American Studies, and Asian American Studies.

My service record was recognized when I became the recipient of the following awards Diversity Enhancement Award, The Ohio State University Multicultural Center (2013) and Asian American Trailblazer, The Ohio State University Multicultural Center (2012).

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