Contributions to the Community and Profession

I maintain active involvement in the Korean adoption, and wider adoption, communities. I am on the executive committee for the Alliance for the Study of Adoption & Culture. I am the Assistant Director/Secretary and Advisory Council member for the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (KAAN). In this capacity, I spoke about National Adoption Awareness Month and the #flipthescript campaign on Fox News Detroit. I also wrote for the online adoptee-centric magazine, Gazillion Voices and  joined The Lost Daughters as a contributor in 2015. The involvement with KAAN, Gazillion Voices, and The Lost Daughters reflects a deep commitment to share my research on adoption with members of the broader adoption community. Since the Fourth International Korean Adoption Studies Symposium in 2016, I serve on the symposium organizing committee. This is the only academic conference focused on Korean Adoption Studies in the world. These activities exemplify my dedication to making research concerning adoptees and adoptive families accessible to those who are living the adoption experience.


This section (in reverse chronological order) includes information regarding television appearances, interviews, and statements/press releases.

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